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Amazing 2013 social media facts and figures

Social Media
Social Media

Social Media continued to skyrocket in popularity and influence in 2013—the cold, hard data proves it. A full 95 percent of Facebook users logged into their accounts daily in 2013. Of all the minutes spent on the Internet, 15.8 percent are spent on Facebook. Facebook’s competitors also performed well in 2013. The year saw 231.7 million monthly active Twitter users who spend an average of 170 minutes each month on the network. Google+ wants to reach Facebook and Twitter like popularity—and it did manage to add 25,000 new users every day in 2013. Speaking of Google and Facebook, Snapchat—the photo sharing app—declined acquisition offers of up to $4 billion from them.

LinkedIn, a networking tool for professionals and job seekers, experienced tremendous growth as well. Of its 259 million users, almost 40 percent paid for LinkedIn Premium. When it’s all said and done, however, 2013 will be remembered as the year of the #selfie. More than 35 million of them were posted to Instagram in 2013.

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