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Amateur mma fights in austin, may 7th

buy your tickets for May 7th
buy your tickets for May 7th

Austin has been the host of several MMA events over the years, but they were all professional fights; that is, until early this year.  We had our first amateur MMA event in Austin at the Crockett Center on February 10th of 2010, put on by Fight to Win, in conjunction with a jiu-jitsu tournament earlier that day.  

On May 7th, however, we play host to the Legacy Fighting Championship, who has been organizing great live events for years under the name Lonestar Beatdown, mostly in the Houston area.  This will be a fight that you cannot miss.

The organization

The Lonestar Beatdown has offered some of the better-run MMA events in Texas.  While amateur MMA in Texas is still developing a real foothold, some of the organizations that are promoting these shows are lacking in the organizational and managerial skills necessary to put on a smooth-running fight.  

This is not the case with the Lonestar Beatdown.

They also showcase some of the best amateur fighters in Texas, and now have a professional division, as well.

The fight card

The fight card for May 7th has not been posted yet, but it will appear as part of this column when it does.  The venue, however, is the Palmer Events Center, and tickets can be purchased at


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