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Amanda Knox: Will Raffaele Sollecito incriminate ex-girlfriend?

Amanda Knox.......convicted second time recently for murder in Italy.
Amanda Knox.......convicted second time recently for murder in Italy.

Ever since presiding Judge Alessandro Nencini said in an interview with Corriera Della Sera that Raffaele Sollecito could have helped himself had he testified in the Amanda Knox trial, rumors have been floating around Florence that it may only be a matter of time before her former boyfriend decides to co-operate with authorities in return for a better deal or even immunity for himself. Corriera Della Sera is a Milan newspaper with a daily circulation of over 800,000 and more than a million followers on the Internet.

Sollecito, still young at 29, is facing a daunting 25 years in prison, if the Court of Cassation (Italy's Supreme Court) upholds his recent sentence issued by Nencini. Will the hint dropped by his presiding judge cause him to re-consider his position? After all, he did say during an HLN interview that, "No, I don't still love her."

He further characterized his connection with her as "one week in a dreamy relationship. My previous life is gone."

Several Italian observers speculated that during his recent CNN interview he was moving in the direction of implicating her when he said that he never would have been convicted if it weren't for Amanda. He also said there was no evidence against him other than that he was connected to Knox.

During an interview with HLN in connection with his book Honor Bound, he further said the kiss seen around the world between he and Amanda at the murder scene, was only to comfort her since her family was halfway around the world.

Even his lawyer Giulia Bongiorno during the most recent trial attempted to distance her client from Knox, saying, "He may have brushed her hair and cleaned her ears, but he would not have killed for the love of Amanda. Turn off Amanda. Raffaele is not Amanda's other half."

While Nencini prepares his written document explaining the verdict of the two-judge, six-lay person jury over the next 90 days, Sollecito can't help but remember the words of the judge when he said the Italian youth would have been better off as a witness.

Has he kept silent on the subject of Amanda out of a sense of duty as an Italian gentleman? Judge Nemecini said in his interview, "We don't know what Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito did after 8:15 p.m. the night of the murder. If she had gone to work that night we probably wouldn't be here in court today."

Knox was supposed to work at a bar but cancelled her plans. Sollecito was supposed to pick up a friend's luggage at a train station. Neither of them followed through on their plans.

Nencini said their change in plans "created an opportunity."

HLN legal expert and former prosecutor Nancy Grace has frequently been critical of the Amanda Knox defense saying, "Her DNA was on the murder weapon." She has also ridiculed Knox's story that she had a "daymare vision when she heard a girl being murdered."

Will Sollecito decide to speak out about things he's been silent about before when the prison doors clang shut behind him?

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