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Amanda Knox: Sollecito wonders why she showered before returning to his place

Amanda Knox...shown on Good Morning America where she apologized for falsely accusing her boss of murder.
Amanda Knox...shown on Good Morning America where she apologized for falsely accusing her boss of murder.
Good Morning America

In a recent interview, Raffaelle Sollecito wondered why Amanda Knox showered at the crime scene before returning to his apartment the day her roommate Meredith Kercher was murdered, according to CNN. Sollecito probably should have talked on the witness stand rather than wait until after he was convicted of murder in Italy and sentenced to 25 years in prison.

Was Sollecito covering more for his girlfriend than himself when he failed to take the witness stand? The presiding judge spoke out shortly after his trial and told an Italian newspaper based in Milan Sollecito might have fared better if he'd been a witness rather than simply a defendant.

His Italian attorney Giulia Bongiorno attempted to separate Sollecito from Knox at the trial, saying that Raffaelle was not like a puppy dog, willing to do anything Knox instructed him to do. He would not have killed someone just because Knox ordered him to do so. Bongiorno is reputed to be the best female attorney in Italy by many. She is also a member of the Italian parliament. She also played a role in the removal of Italian president Silvio Berlusconi from office, according to Marie Claire news.

Presiding Judge Alessandro Nencini told Corriere della Sera on Feb. 1 that if "Amanda had gone to work that night we probably wouldn't be here."

Corriere della Sera is one of the most respected newspapers in Italy with a daily circulation of about 800,000. It also has an English edition which is read around the world. The paper was established in 1876.

Knox was supposed to be at work at a bar that night while Sollecito was to pick up a friend's luggage at a train station at 8:15 p.m. Nencini said during his interview that when they didn't go where they originally planned to go at 8:15 "an opportunity was created."

And now Raffaelle's American attorney John Kelly said that his client should not be judged simply because he was Knox's boyfriend. Both Bongiorno and he appear to be trying to distance their client from Knox who returned to Seattle, Washington shortly after an intermediate appeals court in Italy reversed her conviction by the trial court.

Knox has said she will never voluntarily return to Italy, despite the fact she is now sentenced to 28 years in prison. Sollecito is still in Italy and cannot flee the country to avoid prosecution.

In his CNN interview and again in a later discussion on Italian television, Sollecito said, "In my case I did nothing wrong and I don't want to pay for someone else's peculiar behavior."

He further said, "I asked her 'Why did you take a shower?'" He said he also asked her why she spent so much time at Kercher's and her apartment before she returned to his place. He said he never received any real answers from Knox.

He also said she seemed "extremely agitated" when she returned to his place.

We will know more when we read Judge Nencini's written report.

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