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Amanda Knox’s Derived Houses & Death

Amanda Knox Natal Chart
Amanda Knox Natal Chart
Liz Houle

The guilt or innocence of Amanda Knox is a contentious issue. Some astrologers have attempted to solve the mystery of whether or not Amanda was involved in the murder of Meredith Kercher by studying the natal charts with various forecasting techniques. One traditional technique that may be used to illustrate her life events within a natal chart is through the use of derivative houses. By carefully analyzing Amanda’s chart by turning each area of life to the Ascendant, one may make to some surprisingly clear and accurate predictions and even answer the questions many have wondered about for years.

AK Natal Chart

Amanda Knox was born on the 9th of July 1987 at 2:47 AM in Seattle, Washington. She shares a birth day with Jodi Arias and O.J. Simpson.

Jupiter is, for all intents and purposes, the final dispositor in Amanda’s chart. All of the planets dispositors, with the exception of outer planet Pluto, lead back to her natal Jupiter in the 12th house. Jupiter rules the 7th and 11th houses and this shows the enormous influence a partner and friends would have on Amanda’s life.

To study Amanda’s friends and acquaintances, we look to the 11th house. Turning the chart, and using the 11th house cusp of friends as the Ascendant we have a new derivative chart which represents her friends. This chart may help reveal characteristics and potential events which may occur to Amanda’s friends.

AK –Turned chart for 11th House of friends

The 11th house of friends has Pisces on the cusp which is traditionally ruled by Jupiter placed in the derived 2nd house (radix 12th). Jupiter shows friends who are generous, fun loving, highly educated and possibly foreign. The 8th house of death from the house of friends (radix 6th house) has Libra on cusp ruled by Venus in the derivative 4th house (radix 2nd) showing that friends of Amanda may die while at home. Venus is within five degrees of cusp so is read in the fourth house. Venus is conjunct Mercury which rules the Ascendant of the radix chart and represents Amanda, indicating that Amanda could be present in the home when a friend dies. This does not mean that all of Amanda’s friends will die at home with Amanda in attendance, but at some point in her life, shown by forecasting techniques, Amanda may be with a friend at home when the friend passes on.

Friends of the friends (11th house from the 11th) is the radix 9th house, Capricorn, ruled by Saturn which is placed in the radix 7th house and opposes the radix Gemini Ascendant. This shows that friends of Amanda’s friends/acquaintances may become open enemies. This was shown when the British friends of Meredith Kercher proved to be openly against Amanda. Shortly after Meredith’s body was discovered, Meredith’s friends voiced their hope that Meredith did not die in pain. Amanda reportedly exclaimed, “How could she not? She got her f***ing throat slit!” Since then, because of this incident and others, Meredith’s friends have openly turned against Amanda.

The derivative fourth house of family, of the 11th house of friends, is the radix 2nd house ruled by the Moon. The Moon is also placed in the derived 9th house (radix 7th) and also opposes Amanda’s radix Gemini Ascendant. Meredith’s family is also openly against Amanda and believes that Amanda is partly responsible for their daughter’s untimely demise. When Amanda released her memoir, Meredith’s family released a joint statement to the press that they would not be reading her book or her letters.

Neptune co-rules the Pisces Ascendant of friends and also opposes Mercury, ruler of the radix Ascendant representing Amanda, again showing deception and opposition between Amanda and her friends. This also shows that Amanda (Mercury) may idealize friends which was shown when Amanda first arrived in Italy and got multiple ear piercings in one ear, to imitate her Italian flatmate, Laura. To undergo such a painful procedure to emulate someone may be seen as idolizing the person which is Neptunian.

The open enemy of her friends, 7th from the 11th house (radix 6th), has Virgo on the cusp ruled by Mercury which is Amanda’s significator. This may indicate that Amanda can also become very competitive and an open enemy to her friends and acquaintances.

The 2nd and 8th (intercepted) derived houses in the house of friends (Aries and Scorpio) are ruled by Mars placed in the derived 5th house of pleasures. So the friends’ money used for pleasure may result in their death. Mars in the derived fifth house squares Pluto in Scorpio in the derived 8th house. This indicates the possibly sudden and violent death of friends due to money/entertainment. Mars (r-8 intercepted) also squares Jupiter, ruler of the friends Ascendant. This could show that Amanda’s friend may die at home, shown by Venus r-8 in 4th House, because of violence connected to money for drugs or other recreation (Mars r-8 in 5th square Pluto in 8th.)

Amanda is represented by her Ascendant ruler, Mercury in the derived fourth house trine Pluto in the house of death of friends. This may show Amanda’s involvement somehow with a friend’s death and/or obtaining money from others through friend’s death (Pluto in 8thH) by writing (Mercury.) Mercury (Amanda) trine Pluto in 8th (money from others.) Amanda received a four million dollar advance to write a memoir of events surrounding the death of her friend Meredith Kercher.

AK Chart turned to 7th house of partners

Amanda’s partners, like Raffaele are indicated by the 7th house which has Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter shows partners who are wealthy, fun-loving, educated and foreign. All of these characteristics describe Raffaele Sollecito. Jupiter is in the derivative 6th shows that Amanda’s partners would be hard working and likes to serve others in some way. Raffaele was described at the time as being inexperienced in relationships and hung over Amanda like a puppy dog. Some believed the Amanda led Raffaele around.

The derived fourth house from the seventh (radix 10th house) has Aquarius on the cusp ruled by Saturn which is found in the first house of partners. This shows that the family of partners will be very involved with the partner’s life (Ascendant) and may be an oppressive influence (Saturn.) It was widely documented that Raffaele’s father closely monitored his son’s activities and called him every day. Raffaele kept his father up-to-date about everything going on in his life including activities with Amanda. Saturn in the derivative 1st also portends a shy, cautious, and hardworking partner which also describes Raffaele, an engineering student.

Pluto is placed in the derived 12th house of imprisonment, secret enemies and misfortune of the partner and squares Mars in the 9th house of foreigners and university. This indicates the partner being imprisoned because of an event with foreigners and/or while attending university. Italian national, Raffaele, was imprisoned due to his activities with American, Amanda while attending university. Mars in the derived 9th of partners also squares the ruler of the partner, Jupiter, again showing legal problems and harsh media attention on the partner.

The derived fifth house of pleasures of the partner has Pisces on the cusp, co-ruled by Neptune which opposes the ruler of the radix 5th house (the partner’s pleasures or Amanda’s entertainment) which has Virgo on the cusp ruled by Mercury. Mercury opposes Neptune in the derived 2nd/8th houses of the partner indicating that their pleasures could cause them to lose money through pleasurable, illegal activities like taking drugs. It is a well-documented that Amanda and Raffaele took drugs together. It was on account of their drug use on the night of the murder that they claim to not remember everything this did that night. However, this oppositions between their two 5th house rulers could also show deception, lies, stealing and include death (8th) as this opposition also occurs in Amanda’s and her partner’s derived 2nd/8th houses.

AK Chart turned to 5th house of creative endeavors

Amanda’s fifth house of creativity and creations, like her book, has Virgo on the cusp ruled by Mercury which also rules her Ascendant – Amanda. So Amanda may integrate her identity with her creations and as a result she has written a 480 page memoir about her experiences in Italy. Mercury opposes Neptune shows, at best, embellishments in her writing, at worst, outright lies. She is majoring in Creative writing in school which is a positive manifestation of this aspect and shows a natural talent in this area. Her creative writing was brought up in court during the trial. Before she left for Italy, she wrote a short story about rape that she posted in her MySpace website. This story was used against her in court as proof of her dark mindset. Along with this, other writing she did, including extensive journals that she wrote while in custody, were also used in court.

AK Chart turned to 2nd house of personal finances

Amanda worked hard to save up money for her trip to Italy. It was important for her to pay her own way. The fact that Amanda would work hard for her money is shown by the Ascendant of the derived house of Money, Cancer ruled by the Moon, placed in the derived sixth house of service. Amanda worked as a waitress, serving the public (Moon).

AK Natal Chart

The house of family money (2nd from the fourth) in the radix chart has Virgo, ruled by Mercury which opposes Neptune in the 2nd/8th houses. Her family’s money was dissolved by Amanda, Mercury during the court battles. Her parents lost their jobs and spent all of their money in defending their daughter. Mercury rules the first and fifth houses of Amanda’s natal chart indicating that she would be strongly connected to her building or destroying her family’s finances.

Derived houses are an important part of natal chart delineation and should not be overlooked. This traditional technique offers a wealth of information concerning a natal chart. While it might not solve a crime it can certainly lead the astrologer in the right direction as to what really happens in a native’s life and to the people around them. Including derivative house analysis in the chart delineation will result in a more accurate picture of the individual and how his life unfolds.

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