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Amanda Knox house: Infamous 'murder house' sees major price reduction (+Video)

Realtors are desperately trying to sell the former house of Amanda Knox, who was recently found guilty of murdering her roommate, and they have slashed the price of the property more than $100,000, Radar Online reported on April 7.

So far, the sale of the Amanda Knox house has not been going well, especially since Knox's re-conviction and the fact that the home’s previous tenants almost died in a gas leak.

Radar Online's report states that almost exactly six years after Knox's roommate was found dead in the house, "eight new tenants living in the home almost suffered a similar fate when a carbon monoxide leak nearly poisoned them all in their sleep." The owner of the infamous Amanda Knox house, Italian retiree Aldalia Tattanelli, decided to sell it shortly after the incident.

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Tallanelli has cut the price of the home from $630,000 to a little more than $520,000.

"The owner of the property really wants to sell the house," a real estate agent expressed to RadarOnline. "But it has not been easy to find potential buyers who are willing to overlook the fact that a brutal murder took place there."

The sale of the Amanda Knox house is being handled by the Tecnocasa real estate agency.

"The owner is adamant that everything possible be done to discourage anyone in the realtor's office from saying a word about the murder, even though it is next to impossible to hide that fact," the agent stated. "The owner hates the negative association her property has with the Meredith connection and really just wants to be free of the place now."

Amanda Knox, the young woman accused of brutally murdering her roommate, Meredith Kercher, in Nov. 2007, still insists that she is innocent of the crime. However, earlier this year, Knox and her ex-boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito, were sentenced to 28 years and six months and 25 years (respectively), by an Italian court.

Kercher, 21, of Great Britain, was found nearly completely nude in a pool of blood in the house she shared with Knox in the cultural and artistic town of Perugia, where both women were exchange students.

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