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Amanda Knox guilty verdict: Amanda speaks out on 'Good Morning America'

Amanda Knox
Getty Images

Amanda Knox was found guilty of murder yesterday in a court in Italy. On Jan. 31, she went on "Good Morning America" to talk about it all and how she feels. It is pretty interesting to get her take on the entire thing.

Amanda did not go back to Italy for this trial, but said that she was able to find a place to watch the end of the trial go down live on the Internet so she watched it with her family. She was the only one who knew Italian so she had to tell them what she was hearing.

Knox says she is going through waves of emotion because of it all. She reveals that she is not prepared to be extradited and they have to go to the Supreme Court first. Amanda says it has "hit her like a train." She didn't expect this to happen. She also says she will not willingly go back there and has plans to fight it until the very end.

Amanda Knox still says it is not fair and not right. She needs help fighting it, but she will not give up and still says she is innocent in the murder of Meredith Kercher.

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