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Amanda Knox: Giulia Bongiorno says text critical in murder

Giulia Bongiorno and Rafaelle about Amanda Knox text.
Giulia Bongiorno and Rafaelle about Amanda Knox text.

Italy's top female attorney Giulia Bongiorno and her client Rafaelle Sollecito held a press onference recently in Rome in which she said a text sent by Amanda Knox the night of Meredith Kercher's murder proves the American was not at Sollecito's flat the night of the murder," according to the London Telegraph. Knox has claimed throughout several trials in Italy since the 2007 murder in Perugia that she was at Sollecito's flat the entire night and could not have committed the murder.

Bongiorno, who has won a series of high profile cases in the country shaped like a boot, further said, "Attention to the text message shows Amanda was out of Rafaelle's flat that night, but it was used against Rafaelle. Why is that?"

Bongiorno went on to question why the Florence court used the text message against her client as well as Knox. She said phone records and computer records have shown Sollecito was home at his flat that entire tragic night in November of 2007. She reasoned that he therefore couldn't have committed the murder of Kercher, who was the roommate of Knox.

Kercher, 21, was found half-naked with her throat cut during the early morning hours following her brutal murder.

Bongiorno, who when she is not trying cases, is an influential member of the Italian Parliament, further said, "For the entire first part of the evening, they were not together. It's the first part of the evening that is new to (Sollecito's) defense."

Knox, who is now dating a classical guitarist in Seattle, was found guilty of involvement in her roommate's murder and sentenced to 28 years in an Italian prison. But Sollecito's attorney may be in the process of getting her client's 25-year sentence either reduced or possibly even thrown out with these recent revelations.

At the press conference Sollecito referred to "anomalies" in his former lover's story.

He now says Amanda was not at his flat during the entire evening which would appear to destroy her alibi. Previously, both Sollecito and Knox had said they were both at his flat the entire evening. Knox testified that she and Raffaele smoked marijuana and watched television the entire night.

Sollecito said at the recent press conference, "I was in love with her and we had some very happy moments, but ultimately Amanda was a stranger."

Knox has been in the United States attending the University of Washington after an Italian appeals court reversed her original murder conviction in 2011. She refused to return to Italy for her re-trial in which she was convicted a second time.

On Italian television earlier Sollecito said about the night of the murder, "She (Amanda) went back to her place to shower. She was very agitated when she came back to my flat. I asked her why she took a shower."

The Italian said he didn't get a real answer from Amanda to his question, according to the London Daily Mail.

Bongiorno also referred to a note written by Amanda Knox in which she admitted being present at her apartment when Kercher was murdered. Bongiorno also stated Knox never claimed Sollecito was present at the murder scene.

Knox has since retracted that note which was written while she was in jail awaiting trial.

The now critical text was reportedly sent by Amanda to employer Patrick Lumumba at 8:35 in which she informed her boss she would not be at work the night of the murder to wait tables. Bongiorno says the murder occurred around 9:35 that night.

Sollecito's attorneys have now filed paperwork with the Italian Court of Cassation (Supreme Court) asserting the new evidence which eviscerates Amanda Knox's alibi defense. Whether or not the Italian justices will be swayed by these new argument on Sollecito's behalf remains to be seen. A final decision is expected within the year.

Sollecito, as an Italian citizen, is not allowed to leave the country as his passport has been seized pending outcome of the murder case.

Knox has said Italy will have to extradite her to force her to return to the land of the Caesars.

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