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Amanda Knox found guilty again, faces extradition

It is one of the most shocking crimes to occur in Italy in recent years- a beautiful British college student murdered, stabbed to death while studying abroad, and her pretty, party-girl American roommate accused of the murder. The case continually captured worldwide attention, and fascination.

It has now been several years since British student Meredith Kercher was found murdered in the Perugia, Italy apartment she shared with her American roommate, Seattle native Amanda ("Foxy Knoxy") Knox. Knox spent four years in an Italian prison before her conviction was overturned and she returned to Seattle.

However, in a retrial for which Knox was not present, Knox's guilty verdict was reinstated just this week.

Since the 2007 murder, the case has played out in Italian courtrooms, as well as in the international media. Knox, by turns, has been seen as both an evil murderer and the victim of a foreign judicial system. Knox along with her Italian boyfriend at the time were convicted of Kercher's murder, along with a third man who is already serving time for the crime.

Knox has often been portrayed as a wild party girl by the media, and it was even suggested during her original trial that Kercher was killed during a sex game of some sort.

Since it was announced that her guilt has been reinstated by an Italian court, Knox has said that she will fight her conviction, as well as a possible extradition to Italy, although extradition to serve her sentence may not be likely. Knox has also said her conviction was unfair.

While Knox's guilty verdict may be unfair, it is also unfair that Meredith Kercher's life was taken, and that she will never be able to return to her family.

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