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Amanda Knox: Excerpts from defense closing argument by Bongiorno

Defense attorney Giula of attention after high profile verdict.
Defense attorney Giula of attention after high profile verdict.

"Sollecito is not a puppy dog. He may have brushed her hair, cleaned her ears, but he would not kill for love of Amanda Knox," flamboyant Italian attorney Giulio Bongiorno argued to an intent jury and judges during the final phase of the murder trial which has captured the attention of the world, according to reporter Andrea Voegt, who has covered the trial on a regular basis. Bongiorno, who was hired by the father of Amanda Knox's co-defendant Rafaelle Sollecito, seemed to be distancing her client from Knox in this statement, but for the most part she has defended both the former lovers, according to The Daily Beast.

Bongiorno further said, "Even if you believe her (Amanda Knox) confession, she doesn't mention Sollecito."

The top female lawyer in Italy today also criticized interpreter Anna Domino for "altering Knox's statements." She even referred to the interpreter as a "medium" (psychic) and not an interpreter.

Bongiorno further defended Knox by saying "trial was sidetracked by Domino who did not understand English well."

The high-powered defense attorney also said, "If we look at Knox, it's not her sidetracking investigation, but rather investigators sidetracking her."

Bongiorno, who is also a member of the Italian Parliament, delved in what she called the three types of false confessions. She also pointed out that Knox did not commit a crime but convinced herself she did. She also said this was an example of the internalized false confession type.

Bongiorno proceeded to argue that Amanda was "induced into raving" by the "psychic" Donnino, according to posts by Machiavelli.

She also said that when Knox discovers she was accused by Sollecito, she collapsed while the psychic was telling her to remember.

The main theme of her argument was that convicted Rudy Guede was the murderer alone. She argued that there is DNA evidence of Guede all over the crime scene where Mereditch Kercher was brutally murdered, but no evidence of either Knox or Sollecito.

She also attacked the DNA evidence produced by the prosecution as being "the mother of all mistakes. Disposable gloves must be used, new ones for each items." She further said it would be impossible to avoid contamination of the crime scene with approximatelly 20 people manipulating the evidence at the crime scene.

Her argument was to discredit the DNA findings which showed Amanda's DNA on the handle of a knife and Meredith's blood on the same weapon which was found in Sollecito's apartment.

She finished her argument by saying, "Turn Amanda off. Acquit them both, but judge Raffaele Sollecito for who he is, not for half-truths against him."

As they left the courtroom, Raffaele Sollecito and his father said they were satisfied with the closing arguments.

Bongiorno is a an influential member of the Italian parliament and a leading critic of Silvio Berlusconi, according to an article in marie claire.

Judge Alessandro Nencini is expected to announce the verdict in the Florence courtroom Jan. 30.

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