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Amanda Knox: Does CCTV film footage destroy her murder alibi?

Film Footage.......CCTV film run by Quarto Grado raises questions in Amanda Knox case.
Film Footage.......CCTV film run by Quarto Grado raises questions in Amanda Knox case.
Quarto Grado

Does recently-released CCTV film footage destroy the alibi of Amanda Knox in connection with the murder of Meredith Kercher? That is the question many are asking after Quarto Grado released film footage of a person the program says resembles Knox walking through the neighborhood at the same time she claimed she was at her boyfriend's house the night of the murder, according to the London Daily Mail.

The film may have no effect on the final outcome of the case as the Court of Cassation (Italy's Supreme Court) is already considering Knox's conviction for murder. At stake is also the 27-year prison sentence she received from an Italian court in Florence, according to the New York Daily News.

Quarto Grado, an Italian investigative network, further claims the CCTV camera caught Meredith Kercher passing the same location only two minutes ahead of Knox.

The presiding Judge Nencini recently published a 331-page report detailing why he believed Knox was involved in the murder of her roommmate along with two other people in Perugia, Italy. Also convicted were her boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito and Rudy Guede.

Guede is currently serving a 16 year sentence while Knox is attending the University of Washington and Sollecito is wandering the Italian landscape. Sollecito is not allowed to leave the country shaped like a boot until the Court of Cassation makes its ruling.

Nencini gained a lot of publicity immediately after the murder trial when he said, "If Amanda Knox had gone to work that night we wouldn't be here."

Both defense attorneys and prosecutors were evidently aware of the existence of the tape at the time of the trial, but chose not to use it. Reports say the defense was afraid of the tape because it contradicted her alibi. Prosecutors were possibly worried it might backfire on them since it allegedly showed Knox walking away from the murder scene rather than toward it. It was clearly a major strategic decision by both sides not to use it.

Whoever ends up losing this case, may be second-guessing the decision not to use it. It's not that uncommon though in jury trials for both sides to decide against using an item of evidence. There can be a downside that cuts both ways and no one knows for sure how jurors will react.

"Foxy Knoxy" as she has been nicknamed was supposed to work at a bar in Perugia that night. But she never showed up for work.

The Italian program said the woman on the tape was walking through a parking garage near the murder house and wearing jeans and a long coat similar to those Knox wore in the days immediately following the brutal murder.

Security camera footage was time-stamped for 20:53, Nov. 1, 2007 at a time when Knox claimed she was reading Harry Potter and having sex with Sollecito inside his apartment.

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