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Amanda Knox: Coroner completes Meredith Kercher inquest

Amanda Knox........appears on television.
Amanda Knox........appears on television.
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The Amanda Knox murder trial took yet another twist yesterday, Thursday, March 28 in South London where a British coroner announced victim Meredith Kercher's cause of death, according to an article in yesterday's International Business Times. British coroner Dr. Roy Palmer ruled Meredith's cause of death was "clearly unnatural."

American Amanda Knox has been found guilty of her murder in Perugia, Italy on the night of Nov. 1, 2007. The two were roommates when the brutal murder occurred.

Dr. Palmer said she died of "hemmorraghic shock from stab and incised wounds in the vascoluture of the neck". This occurs when someone bleeds out.

Although the three murder trials occurred in Italy, the final inquest had to be done in her home country of Britain. The five-minute hearing occurred at Croydon Coroner's Court in South London.

The body is deprived of the oxygen delivered by the blood in hemorrhagic shock "which can be rapidly fatal."

In her most recent trial Knox was convicted of murder in Florence, Italy and sentenced to 28 years in an Italian prison. She remains in Seattle reading her textbooks at the University of Washington while her attorneys appeal her conviction to the Court of Cassation (Italy's Supreme Court).

Knox caught a huge break when an intermediate court of appeals in Italy reversed her initial conviction. The Court of Cassation threw out the reversal and ordered her tried again. The second trial resulted in yet another conviction. Knox fled the country shaped like a boot for the refuge of the United States.

She has proclaimed she will fight extradition to Italy if this conviction is affirmed.

The presiding judge at her trial said, "We wouldn't be here today if Amanda had gone to work that night."

The presiding judge will issue a written report soon concerning the court's findings.

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