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Amanda Knox coroner: Coroner’s autopsy reveals ‘haemorraghic shock’ in Knox case

Amanda Knox coroner: Autopsy shows hemorrhagic shock as cause of Kercher’s death

Amanda Knox has certainly seen the coroner’s autopsy results of Meredith Kercher’s death, and for Knox, the coroner's official revelation that Meredith died after having her throat slashed must be frightening. "She died, the autopsy tells us, as a result of haemorraghic shock from stab and incised wounds to the vasculature of the neck. I do conclude that she was unlawfully killed," said Dr. Palmer, senior coroner for the south London area, according to a March 27 International Business Times report.

During the brief five-minute hearing at Croydon Coroner's Court in south London when Dr. Roy Palmer gave his final conclusion on the cause of death of Meredith Kercher, none of Meredith’s family members were present as had been previously arranged. Since Meredith was British, an inquest and an official conclusion on her death had to be completed in her home country.

To translate the coroner’s words into simple language, Meredith’s “throat was slashed.”

According to the United States National Library of Medicine (NCBI), haemorraghic shock (also spelled as hemorrhagic shock) occurs when someone is bleeding out, and the body is deprived of the oxygen delivered by the blood. “Hemorrhagic shock can be rapidly fatal.”

The British coroner’s ruling that Meredith died of a “violent and unnatural death” after someone mercilessly cut her throat will be fueling the already existing mob mentality in Italy against Knox.

For Amanda Knox, the coroner’s final autopsy result and revelation of a "haemorraghic shock" are bringing back – once again -- the nightmare of what occurred on the night of Nov. 1, 2007, in the apartment that she shared with Meredith in the Via Della Pergola in Perugia, Italy. If Amanda has to return to Italy because the United States decides to extradite her, a U.S. coroner might end up having to write a similar autopsy report for her.

Update: In regard to the British coroner's report, Amanda Knox has not commented on her Twitter page. However, Amanda Knox does address the "mob mentality," the "hate campaign," and the publicized "Amanda curse" that she is experiencing from Italy. The Italian coroner's report is one of the many documents that Amanda Knox is making available on her website along with a timeline of events. Unfortunately, most of the court documents are still in Italian and have not been translated into English.

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