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Amanda Knox: Alan Dershowitz 'I wouldn't want my son going out with her'

Amanda Knox......Alan Dershowitz weights in on her case.
Amanda Knox......Alan Dershowitz weights in on her case.

Harvard law professor and famed defense appeals attorney Alan Dershowitz said in a recent interview that, "I would not want my son going out with Amanda Knox." Dershowitz said the press coverage in the U.S. has been incredibly biased in favor of Knox, according to Newsmax.

"She's pretty. Americans don't want to believe she did it. There are lots of people residing in American jails based on less evidence than what was presented against Ms. Knox in Italy," Dershowitz further said in comments to U.S. News.

"In the U.S. it's amazing how much positive coverage she's gotten. Americans don't care about the evidence. They think she is too pretty to be guilty," said Dershowitz who skyrocketed to fame based on his work on a case portrayed in the movie "Reversal of Fortune".

Dershowitz also believes Knox should be extradited under the law if her conviction is upheld by the Court of Cassation (Supreme Court) of Italy.

"We have a treaty with Italy to extradite. Her case was not even double jeopardy because at the first trial she was convicted. Even under the U.S. system it's not double jeopardy. Simply because an intermediate appeals court later threw it out doesn't make it double jeopardy," he said.

The renowned lawyer further said, "Working against her is the fact she falsely claimed an innocent man of committing the murder and her DNA is on the knife."

More importantly Judge Alessandro Nemecini ruled she is guilty. He has 90 days to write his judgment out with the reasons. He promised to explain the motive for the murder in his report.

Judge Nemecini was presiding judge over a court which included another judge and six lay persons.

Experts say it could be as long as a year before the Court of Cassation makes a determination as to what should be done with the case.

Dershowitz further said that "we're trying to extradite Edward Snowden. How would it look if the U.S. denied this extradition while we're trying to get Snowden back. If the Court of Cassation affirms the conviction I think the State Department would have to extradite her."

"Italy has a legitimate legal system. Although I don't love it, it is legitimate," he told Yahoo News.

He also said that if Amanda wasn't pretty "we wouldn't be having this group love" going on in the U.S. for her.

An average-looking person wouldn't receive this sort of support Dershowitz said.

Rudy Guede is serving 16 years for the murder while Sollecito is roaming Itally and Knox is studying at the University of Washington as they await the written report by Nemecini.

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