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Amanda Bynes reveals healthy photos with parents

Amanda Bynes
Amanda Bynes
Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Amanda Bynes has shared healthy photos with her parents that reveal the star is making a recovery. Extra reports on March 23 that Bynes was at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise Debut Runway Show and had the chance to take multiple pictures. She appeared happy in her photos while witnesses claim she looked great at the event.

The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise Debut Runway Show gave Bynes the chance to take some selfies and share them on Twitter. The star has been reclusive, but she seems to be ready to move on after rehab. Although her parents are still providing care and helping her, Bynes is taking classes at this design school to stay busy.

At the event, Bynes posed with her parents while wearing a black top, beige pants and carrying a small purse. She also did an extra selfie with her mother at the event, and shared all of these pictures on Twitter. Bynes seems to be enjoying her classes at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise, and she writes that studying is keeping her busy. The star is technically still on probation, but this has not stopped her from pursuing her education.

The star’s mental health issues put a halt on her life, but she has been slowly recovering and trying to rebuild. At the show, witnesses claim she looked happy and was smiling with her parents. They point out that she seemed healthier and cared about the fashion on the runway.