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Amanda Bynes is thrown into marijuana debate by her mother

Amanda Bynes is apparently trying to steer her life out of the crash course she was on before she entered a treatment facility. Contact Music reported on Sunday that her attorney, Tamar Arminak, has explained that Bynes wants people to know that she is doing much better and is not suffering from mental illness. Her mother went a step further, however, in her defense of her daughter’s sanity, and it has complicated things a bit for the “What I Like About You” star.

Many people doubt that marijuana was responsible for this type of bizarre behavior.
Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Bynes is presenting an upbeat public image, quietly appearing to put her life back together, even attending fashion school. The former teen star recently celebrated her 28th birthday with her parents on a 10-day beach vacation to Los Cabos, Mexico. She had gravitated to a comfortable place, outside the circle of constant media scrutiny. Then, last week her mother began to publicly insist that all of the troubled behavior exhibited by Bynes was due to her use of marijuana and not schizophrenia, as was originally thought.

TMZ had a rather pointed report on Thursday which discussed the seriousness of the decision made by Bynes’ mother to completely halt the detailed cocktail of drugs that doctors had utilized during the treatment process. Her mother denies the former actress ever had a mental health issue, and her attorney says she is now drug-free. While her previous bizarre behavior may or may not have resulted from mental illness, her attorneys on both coasts did previously use her mental health problems as a basis to postpone court appearances.

Most online comments echo the tone of the TMZ article, expressing doubt about the new version of events. Amanda Bynes’ mother unknowingly unleashed a torrent of opposition to her daughter by these latest public revelations. At a time when the safety and legalization of marijuana are hotly-debated issues, there is a chorus of voices coming forward to angrily refute this marijuana story. So, an odd result has been that supporters of legalized marijuana have felt the need to defend its safety by staunchly attacking the mental health of Amanda Bynes. Now, that’s really crazy.

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