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Amanda Bynes is driving again

Amanda Bynes seems to be back on the right road again.
Amanda Bynes seems to be back on the right road again.
Photo by Jason Merritt

Amanda Bynes has had her share of negative, and even bizarre, news stories in the past, but People Magazine reported that she has gotten her driver's license back. It is a refreshing change to read some positive celebrity news. After two hit-and-run charges and a DUI arrest in 2012, it is a very impressive event that she has turned her life around enough to show the court she can be trusted once again to operate a motor vehicle.

The former "What I Like About You" star has had a long, difficult period of instability that resulted in her being institutionalized for a period of time. Her mother previously stated publicly that she feels her daughter’s bizarre behavior was linked solely to the use of marijuana. She denies that Bynes has any mental health issues at all. Her lawyer recently told reporters that Bynes had been drug-free for nine months, according to Mercury She is attending fashion school and living with her parents.

The 28-year-old star-turned-student was seen tooling around Los Angeles with her father, which is bound to be somewhat of a step-down from the glamorous social life of a television star. Of course, the fact that she was tooling around in a black BMW may have helped her deal with that indignity to some degree! People Magazine checked the DMV records to be sure that she actually has a driver’s license, and she does.

With so many of these young 20-something stars self-destructing, it is very nice to hear that one of them managed to turn things around. Upon examination of what makes the Amanda Bynes case different is that she has parents who have taken the reins and saved their daughter from the clutches of the negative forces of the entertainment industry. The family recently took a beach vacation together over spring break. Bynes continues with her outpatient therapy, although she is no longer on medication.