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Amanda Bynes: Hospitalized on 5150 hold after setting a fire

Amanda Bynes has been taken to the hospital and placed on a 5150 psychiatric hold after she built a fire in the driveway of an unsuspecting elderly woman on Monday night in Thousand Oaks, California around 9 p.m. according to TMZ reports on Tuesday, July 23.

Amanda Bynes placed on 5150 hold after setting fire to elderly woman's property
Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images)

Bynes was just accused of trespassing -- after someone noticed the small blaze in the driveway where police found the former actress standing around the campfire she had started.

Police officers questioned Amanda Bynes about the fire receiving odd an bizarre answers in which they determined that Bynes needed to be placed under evaluation at the hospital.

The celebrity news site talked with the woman asking her if she knew who Amanda Bynes was, the elderly woman had no idea who Bynes was or why she would want to set a fire on her property.

The police told the woman that there had been a young woman in her yard, who had started a fire and had been carrying a "little red gas tank." The police also told the woman that during the fire Amanda Bynes had caught her clothes on fire.

Bynes is now hospitalized for the next 72-hours on an involuntary 5150 hold for mental evaluation.This latest crazy stunt from Amanda Bynes has many of her fans and news followers wondering why she was not placed on a 5150 hold before now, claiming she is a threat not only to herself but to others and needs to receive the proper care.

This story is still developing...

Do you believe Amanda Bynes will be released after 72-hours, or will doctors arrange for a lengthy stay for the troubled former child star?

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