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Luxury Beauty Brand, Amala NATRUE Certified

Amala skincare
Amala skincare
Amala skincare

Amala skincare enhances natural beauty by embracing the individual and benefiting the world. Nature gives us everything we need to look and feel beautiful. Our challenge is getting it from the soil to the skin without compromising the benefits or the earth. The effectiveness of Amala skin care is reliant upon the ingredients sourced exclusively from our global fair trade farmers. Each plant ingredient is grown organically and sustainably in its native habitat to ensure peak potency. In addition, Amala's farm partners' commitment to regenerative agriculture mirrors Amala's, and the long-standing relationships are an integral part of Amala's environmental and social initiatives.

Amala. In Sanskrit, “most pure.” In Tibetan, “revered mother.” In Spanish, “love her.” The ancient word Amala has many unique meanings, but it is the harmony of all of them that resonates most with the Amala company. Amala skincare believes that if we love and respect the earth as we would our own mother, nature will give us everything we need to look and feel beautiful. Amala also believes that to create the world's most pure skincare products, we must conduct ourselves most purely.

The Amala Standard "When it comes to skincare, you shouldn't have to choose between results and responsibility."

100% Natural Origin Amala formulas are 100% natural origin and free of synthetic ingredients, petrochemicals, parabens, sulfates and genetically modified ingredients.

Whole Plant Ingredients Amala uses only whole plant ingredients, which have not been altered from their natural state.

Animal Testing Amala ingredients and formulas are never tested on animals.

Emulsifiers Amala uses only food-grade emulsifiers, and are the first premium skincare to be formulated with organic milk emulsifiers.

Preservatives Amala formulas do not contain preservatives. Our treatments contain a proprietary blend of organic plants and compounds that have natural preservative abilities. The shelf life of our formulas is twenty-four months.

Custom Distillation and Extraction Amala's custom distilled ingredients are extracted according to the specific composition and needs of each plant to preserve their healing properties and maximum potency.

Organic and Wildcrafted Ingredients Amala uses the highest possible concentration of certified organic and wildcrafted ingredients in every treatment, and use cold-pressed, certified organic plant oils as the base.

Fair Trade and Ethical Sourcing Amala pays a fair price for superior plants and source them exclusively from sustainable farm partners and trusted ingredient suppliers, with whom they have long-term relationships.

Fragrance Only 100% natural essential oils are used to fragrance Amala's formulas.

Cultivation Amala plants are grown in their ideal habitats, which allows them to thrive and their essences to reach peak potential.

Processing Amala does not process plant ingredients, which means no bleach, deodorizing, refining, or gamma radiation. Each plant maintains its original attribute

Amala rejuvenating face polish Gently sweeps away dry, flaky skin with this refining face polish. Whole plant ingredients help soften the look of fine dry lines to reveal a healthy, radiant skin. Finely Crushed Cocoa Bean Shells: naturally retexturize skin. Cocoa Bean: helps stimulate microcirculation while restoring elasticity and providing antioxidant protection from free radical age damage. Acerola: nourishes with Vitamin C and provides antioxidant protection. Also helps stimulate collagen production. Amarant Seed: stimulates cell renewal to reveal a fresh layer of smooth, radiant skin.

Amala cocoa bean rejuvenate treatment oil Helps repair and strengthen skin while replenishing moisture with this powerful, concentrated blend of seed oils. The nourishing whole plant ingredients absorb easily into skin for a smoother, more youthful-looking complexion. Cocoa Bean: helps restore elasticity, reduce inflammation and stimulate microcirculation. Andiroba Seed: helps rebuild skin's natural moisture barrier with essential fatty acids. Amarant Seed: helps stimulate cell renewal for fresh, radiant skin. Seeds are the source of new plant life. Our seed oils capture this living energy and deliver it to skin.

Amala narcissus brightening toning essence Refresh and revive dull, uneven tone with this skin-clarifying essence. A complex blend of bio-botanical actives helps balance skin's pH and prepares skin for the brightening treatments to follow. Narcissus Bulb Extract: has the ability to slow down the synthesis of melanin, the skin pigment that leads to dark spots. Also helps combat the appearance of fine lines. Algae Extract of Norwegian Kelp: helps inhibit melanin production, while infusing protective polyphenol antioxidants. Also boosts cell turnover and activates skin’s natural exfoliation enzyme, optimizing skin’s ability to eliminate dull, pigmented surface cells. Seven Alpine Herbs: work synergistically to diminish the appearance of dark spots by helping to reverse melanin synthesis at its source. (Organic Mallow, Peppermint, Cowslip, Lady’s Mantle, Veronica, Yarrow and Melissa)


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