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AMA serves as a resource for forward-thinking non profits

Listen, then ask
Listen, then ask
AP Photo/Gretchen Ertl

Today the American Marketing Association (AMA) presented an online webinar titled “How Online Customer Feedback Best Practices Can Help You Listen and Respond.” Although targeted toward larger companies, there was great information for non profit groups as well.

During the webcast, participants heard how Yahoo! established an online customer feedback program and about the impact it has had on their business, learned what all marketing professionals should know about online customer feedback best practices and discussed the process of collecting, analyzing and reporting customer experiences in order to better guide decisions regarding loyalty programs, customer care and product development. In the non profit world, this could translate into direct benefit by understanding ‘customers’ as communities served or impacted as well as funding bodies or individuals: Stakeholders to a non profit’s success. What is their experience that guides loyalty and future program (not product) development?

“Good business starts with good listening” stated Neil Patil, Chief Marketing Officer at Overtone, Inc., a company that delivers real-time customer intelligence to many of the world’s most innovative global enterprises. Begin by monitoring the three levels of feedback: Worldwide social media (Facebook, Twitter), co-sponsored social media (online forums or reviews) and direct feedback channels (emails to your company, calls to staff members). Then understand there has been a shift in understanding on how to engage ‘customers:’ Listen then ask and engage in a dialogue instead of presenting a monologue. Most non profits have engaged in some form of survey: Mr. Patil would advise against this, as any business, commercial or otherwise, should seek the customers’ exact words to, among other things, best categorize the customer feedback into tone and topic, one of the eight best practices presented during the webcast.

Today’s webcast was part of the AMA's Marketing Thought Leader series, airing weekly. This and other AMA presentations are available to its members, and it is a worthwhile investment for most non profit leaders to join in order to expand their knowledge and foster creative approaches toward managing their organizations.

The American Marketing Association (AMA) is the largest marketing association in North America. It is a professional association for individuals and organizations involved in the practice, teaching and study of marketing worldwide. It is also the source that marketers turn to every day for information/resources, education/training and professional networking.



  • Bethany Davidson 5 years ago

    Every organization, whether a large corporation or nonprofit, can benefit from generating feedback from clients. Analyzing case studies, online surveys, and genuinely gathering a deeper understanding for customer needs and desires based on feedback, will allow you to define what is successful and what efforts are useless in gaining awareness. I strongly agree with Neil Patil when he said, “Good Business starts with good listening.” When you utilize every opportunity to listen, your audience will begin listening to you.

    Bethany Davidson
    PR/Marketing Consultant
    Magic Logix

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