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Am I too comfortable with my relationship partner?

Do you burp, fart, dig up your nose and then hug or kiss your significant other? Some may believe that's just too comfortable.

Is it okay to fart in front of your significant other?
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But a relationship partner eventually will know most, if not all your personal habits, including how your breath smells first thing in the morning to the vibration of your fart in the middle of the night.

It's fine if you want to keep up your best impression during the honeymoon stage,but eventually your perfect imperfections are going to come out and that's okay. Love can conquer anything, even that nasty fart or big poop you just took in the toilet.

So on Valentine's Day if you feel the urge to fart or burp, just do it like the Nike commercial. But be sure to say excuse me to your Valentine because nobody has time for people with bad manners.

There's something refreshing about being in love with someone happy to be real and real with you. It's rare and if you find that special someone, treat that person right the first time around. Treat that person right even when it's not Valentine's Day.

If you need to let your significant other know who you are on Valentine's Day, use this Valentine's Day Guide below:

1. Don't wear makeup. Show your significant other just how beautiful you are the way you were made.

2. Buy some air freshers for the bathroom. Show your significant other you are all about cleanliness and comfort in your home.

3. Reflect on the great times you have shared as a couple and the how you look forward to better days ahead and even the challenging times simple because your significant is your team mate.

It's okay to be comfortable with your relationship partner. In fact, it's essential to a healthy relationship.

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