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Am I allowed to do that?


Many of us have a preconceived notion of what is permitted to be done, or possibly how something is to be done. At times we are governed by laws, regulations, processes, guidelines and things that are non-negotiable. These times are very few and far between, although many of us use them as an excuse to not pursue our dreams. Is this truly living or just existing?

When we are children we are somewhat ignorant about how life works, so everything becomes possible. As we get older our idea of growing up and becoming a mature, responsible adult means we abandon those illusions of grandeur. We adjust our expectations of life, our future, and possibilities to fall into line with conventional wisdom, the status quo, and what other people of influence tell us is possible. In other words, we abdicate our potential future to the whims of social grooming.

Let’s assume that all the barriers you imagine are standing in the way of you fulfilling that borderline delusional dream are no longer an issue (barring legal restrictions and the laws of physics). Literally take some time to just sit and think of what you would do if those things weren’t “in your way”.

The reality is that many of these things aren’t in your way, they just serve as a “justifiable” reason for you not doing anything and are a feign cover up for your unwillingness to confront your fears. A bit of a harsh statement if I want you to keep reading the articles I publish, but I feel I’m doing no one any favors by placating a defeatist position on living a life free of limits.

There are plenty of stories, books, and films of people who have ignored seemingly insurmountable odds to accomplish incredible things. The only thing special about them is that they chose to not believe the perceived limitations that others choose to believe as genuine barriers.

Choose one thing that you have been holding off doing because of a “reason” that is really an excuse based in fear. What imagined limitation or barrier do you have standing between you and fulfilling the passion, dream, or goal that you have been considering for some time now? What can you do right now to absolutely crush that imagined beast of social grooming in order to live out that child like anticipation of what’s possible? Your life is waiting to be conquered, not endured. I have thrown the gauntlet down in front of you, now pick it up and go! It’s easier to ask for forgiveness than it is to ask for permission.

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