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Alzheimers: A babyboomer epidemic?

Alzheimers Disease( AD)  became the focus of media coverage recently as high profile people brought the devastating effects of this brain malady to Capitol Hill hoping to shine even more awareness to the general public, Medical & Scientific explorations in hopes of finding a cure. There is no cure at the moment for Alzheimers Disease, to which Maria Shiver in her address to Congress alluded to how she felt when her dad didn't know her name. It is & has become, according to reports a disease epidemic for babyboomers.

Terry Marin in an ABC's Nightline reported how medical experts predict that 1 in 7 babyboomers after the age of 65 will become afflicted with Alzheimers. The brain disease according to the National Institute on Aging is caused by nerve loss of connections between brain cells, which in turn leads to lack of cell functioning & cell death. There is DNA testing that can be done on people concerned whether they might get AD, as it is believed to be 40% hereditary. The simple test can be performed at home or in a doctors office.Your saliva is collected in a tube for testing simply by spitting into a cup.  Approximately 2.4 million to 4.5  million Americans have AD. Some symptoms of the disease from early to latter stages includes:

1. Memory problems

 2. Getting lost

3 .Unable to recognize friends

4. Impulsive behaviors

5. Mood & personality changes

6. Trouble handling monies/paying bills

7. Repeating questions

8. Delusions & paranoia

There are many such areas of mental status changes that occurs with Alzheimers Disease. For more information & insight into this disease, visit: National Institute On Aging, or call ADEAR Center at 10800-438-4380 







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