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Alzheimer's caregivers find online support groups helpful

Online support is readily available for Alzheimers patients
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Alzheimer's is a frightening and complicated disease. Alzheimer's caregivers have their work cut out for them. Luckily there are online resources and support groups. Online support groups are available for Alzheimer's caregivers any time of the day or night. This is vital to people who work full time in addition to caring for aging parents.

Support is essential

If you're a new Alzheimer's caregiver, don't make the mistake of thinking you can handle this on your own. There's no reason you should have to struggle through unfamiliar territory. Online Alzheimer's support groups can educate you about the disease. They also provide other services to get you through daily life as a caregiver.

Daily life

Online support can give you information to deal with everyday tasks. As an example, there are tips on bathing, dressing, changing and feeding the Alzheimer's patient for caregivers. These type of issues can present a real challenge to the novice caregiver. Imagine the discomfort involved in taking care of the basic needs of someone who once cared for you.


Support groups can help you find local services for Alzheimer's patients. This might include finding medical care, insurance, nursing homes, daytime caregivers or even a hospice to help you care for the Alzheimer's patient. You'll need not only online support groups but local resources to help you care for aging parents and other loved ones.

Psychological help

Imagine losing everything familiar to you. In many cases, Alzheimer's patients experience a complete loss of memory. They are surrounded by people they believe to be strangers. Psychological help for caregivers and patients is provided by online support groups. Caregivers and patients will need help dealing with the pressure and stress involved in these situations.

Safety issues

Online support groups can help educate caregivers about potential safety issues. Disaster preparedness makes a big difference in an emergency. Support groups can also help caregivers deal with lost and wandering Alzheimer's patients. There are also many different types of furniture and gadgets that can help Alzheimer's patients stay safe.


Outings with an Alzheimer's patient can be a particular challenge. Vacation and other pleasure trips can be made easier with education from online support groups. Even simple trips to the doctor or store can be difficult. Once again, planning ahead makes a world of difference. Support groups can help with ideas to make outings easier.

A shoulder

Everyone needs an occasional shoulder to cry on. Online support groups offer many resources for caregivers looking for answers. Most have chat rooms where caregivers can talk about their issues. Often, a fellow caregiver is your best resource for coping with Alzheimer's. They can provide you with tips and information you may not have thought of on your own.

Please Note: The author is not a licensed medical professional. See a doctor for diagnoses and treatment of Alzheimer's disease. The links below will take you to several online support resources for caregivers and patients with Alzheimer's.


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