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Alyssa Wolf at One Direction Nashville Tour

One Direction I'm On Our Way!
One Direction I'm On Our Way!
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Fans of all ages are here in Nashville, TN to see boy band One Direction. Alyssa is the niece of Chap Oscar and Marsha she is our special guest for a few days. She lives in Heyworth, Illinois and she will be joining a packed stadium of dedicated loving fans of the sold out "Where We Are" global tour. Alyssa has been a fan of the boys for many of her six years and she knows many of the lyrics by hard. In a few hours the lights will dim and the mad screams will begin. Niall is her favorite singer but she loves the others as well. She is assured that there will not be a dull moment.

This is a major act to hit Nashville and play the Titan Stadium that is not country I was told the last non country act was NSYNC back in 2000. One Direction is the biggest selling act to emerge from the X Factor and now the group has achieved the Guinness World Record on Sept. 4, 2013 for most Twitter Followers.

I told Alyssa to expect a ton of fun because Nashville has been waiting for this group for months and quite frankly Chap Oscar is also very excited it is not easy to hide this level of adrenaline tonight this show will be brilliant with the video monitors and the big speakers full blast. I hope that the parents are just as big a fans as the youth. I also understand this group does their own writing.

My one question for One Direction is how is it to have raving fans like you have? You can't have the Twitter following being boring. What have you done as a group to sustain your unbelievable success? Of course Chap Oscar will be waiting to hear "Story of My Life" Alyssa's favorite song "You Don"t Know You're Beautiful" prayerfully this will be one of the first songs of the night. My brother in law Darren is just as excited as Sarah my sister in law we're all headed in......One Direction.

Chap Oscar thank you for allowing me to enjoy time with the ones I love as there is nothing like out of town family.