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Alyson Greenfield takes listeners to 'Uncharted Places'

Alyson Greenfield is back with an eclectic, modern new single and accompanying music video (both) titled “Uncharted Places.” Until more recently, Greenfield had been a bit busy both with “directing the Tinderbox Music Festival and composing for film and TV.”

Alyson Greenfield takes listeners to 'Uncharted Places'-slide0
Courtesy of Original Owner
Alyson Greenfield's "Uncharted Places"
Courtesy of Alyson Greenfield

Thanks to airplay on WNYC’s “Soundcheck” show, she was recruited by movie director Michael Carr to score the motion picture The American Templars. She also garnered placements on Lifetime’s hit TV series “Dance Moms” as well as the film SuperSleuths which premiered at this year’s SXSW Film Festival.

Greenfield had the chance to record the new track when she visited the Converse Rubber Tracks Studio. (She was featured in the Converse Rubber Tracks “First Year Highlights” video.)

It was at their studio that she had the chance to work with engineer Alex McKenzie (Doe Paoro) and Roger Greenawalt (The Pierces, Rufus Wainwright). On “Uncharted Places” Greenfield leads the way on voice, casiotone, chord organ, toy piano, floor tom and snare. She is backed by ex-Duk Duk Goose member Shane Maux on beatbox.

The recording of “Uncharted Places” was documented by Converse in both their “Oh Hello” and “Track of the Week” video series. The “Uncharted Places” music video was directed by David Franklin (Luscious Jackson, Body Language, Lemonade, and Black Taxi).

Greenfield said: “It was a dream and an honor to work with David. He has such integrity and vision. I told him all I knew was that I wanted to fly and be under water and he made it happen by casting me as both Icarus and a nautical explorer from the 18th Century”

She added: “We worked with a notion of falling-- falling into sleep and dream, falling back down to earth from the heat and power of the sun, falling from the mast of a ship into the depths of the ocean, and an overarching notion of willingly falling into the unknown.”

Whatever they did, it all came together. Both the song and music video are obviously inspired, somehow hauntingly familiar and yet solidly Greenfield’s own.

My name is Phoenix and . . . that’s the bottom line.

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