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Always the right time to look for a job

Ahhh, time for backyard bbq's, swimming and cocktails on the roof deck. Everyone loves the summer months, especially when you've endured a cold New England winter. Doesn't it seem like everyone is in a good mood? People are more polite and friendly and it’s easier to strike up a conversation with strangers. Overall positive and relaxing vibe out there. You might think that everyone takes off for the summer, job seekers and employers alike but they do not. In fact, employers are looking to fill contract roles to cover vacation and definitely looking to staff up for September. It’s the perfect time to take advantage of the good weather and peoples willingness to chat it up.

Monster has a great article discussing recruitment cycles, It does state that there are a few slow weeks in July (especially around the 4th), but employers are always looking for talented individuals. It’s the perfect time to make a big impact since you might not have a lot of competition. Make sure that you market yourself correctly, and target those organizations that would be interested in your skill set.

So remember, not everyone heads to the beach in June July and August. True there are a few weeks in July where it might be a bit slow, but there is always an advantage for looking for a job when others are not. Knowing the hiring trends will give you an advantage on how and when to market yourself as well as network to a new job.

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