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'Always Sometimes Monsters' will always be a winner at PAX East 2014

"Always Sometimes Monsters" logo
"Always Sometimes Monsters" logo
Vagabond Dog

Life is full of choices. It's when we make those choices where we, as people, need to be ready for all of the outcomes that may come with those choices. That is what "Always Sometimes Monsters" takes a closer look at.

The game is a wonderful throwback to all of the pixelated games some of us grew up with as kids. It almost has an old-school RPG feel; think Final Fantasy VI.

Boston Games Examiner met with creator Justin Amirkhani and Jake Reardon, programmer, from Vagabond Dog to discuss the ins and outs of "Always Sometimes Monsters."

According to Amirkhani, the game is "a story-driven, choice based role playing game. You play 30 days in the life of a character trying to get from [the] East Coast to West Coast before the love of your life marries someone else. Along the way you have to face a whole bunch of ethical choices that's changed the story based on how you answer them and the actions you take. So the whole game riddled with decisions and subtle choices that you don't even know you make until after you make them. It's just a game about life."

One of the best ways to describe the game is smart. The demo has you making choices from the very beginning and players don't even know it. Aside from choosing whether you want to play a new game or not, the game asks if you want to play the "PAX East 2014 demo" or the "PAX Prime 2013 demo." When asked about it, Reardon replied that it was a choice that players had to make as well. Many assumed that they had to play the PAX East demo, but no one had told them that they couldn't play the PAX Prime demo.

It's all of these subtle choices that make "Always Sometimes Monsters" a game to look out for in the future.

The game is set for release on May 21, 2014. It is available for pre-sale right now on Steam for $8.99.

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