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Always #LikeAGirl: New survey reveals the harmful impact of these words

Words matter.

Be all you can be, don't allow words to limit you.

There is no way around this as we watch bullying and cyberbullying evolve in our country, in many cases it's not physical - it is about words.

Name calling: Fat, ugly, loser.......can stay with kids a long time.

Girls are about twice as likely as boys to be victims and perpetrators of cyberbullying.

A new Always-sponsored survey by Research Now found the start of puberty and their first period mark the lowest moments in confidence for girls. Harmful words can add to that drop in confidence.

Key Always Puberty & Confidence Study Findings:


  • More than half of girls (about 1 out of 2 or 56 percent) claimed to experience a drop in confidence at puberty.
  • Lowest confidence moments for girls were when puberty started and when they got their first period; a close second were starting middle and junior high school.*
  • Hispanic females cited the largest drop in confidence at puberty (60 percent), while fewer African American girls (50 percent) claimed to have a drop in confidence than Hispanic or Caucasian girls.
  • Girls who saw a drop in confidence during puberty are more likely to claim they started puberty either before or after their friends.
  • The advice most females would give to their younger selves is “you’re not alone” and “you’re not as awkward as you feel.”


  • The majority (89 percent) of females aged 16-24 agree that words can be harmful, especially to girls.
  • Only 19 percent of girls have a positive association toward the phrase “like a girl.”
  • More than half (57 percent) of females think there should be a movement to change the negative perception of the phrase “like a girl.”
  • Four in five (81 percent) girls would support Always in creating a movement to change the negative perception of “like a girl.”

Parents are the number one influence in their children's lives. How do you use your words? Do you use comparisons that maybe you shouldn't?

We need to remember actions speak louder than words -- be the person you expect your child to be. Adult gossiping is no better than your child name-calling another student in school.

#LikeAGirl means so much more! Show your strength!

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