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Always have bird poop in your pet bird or parrot's water?

frequent bird poop your pet's water is an annoying and unhealthy problem
frequent bird poop your pet's water is an annoying and unhealthy problem
Shelley Garza

So you have birds and with keeping pet birds and parrots oftentimes comes the unsightly and potentially unhealthy problem of having bird poop in the water. No sooner than after just having put some fresh water in the bird dish there it is again-bird poop. Aside from having to change the water frequently there are several things you can do to prevent the problem.

Health risks of bird poop in the water

Preventing bird poop in the water is important to your bird’s overall health. With poop in the water dish comes bacteria build up. The bacteria can cause a bacterial infection in your pet. Wash feed and water dishes in warm water daily to prevent the slimy water dish which is an indicator of bacterial build up. However bacteria do grow and multiply quickly and even a water dish cleaned daily and placed appropriated at a higher level in the cage can get poop in it.

What to do about bird poop in the water dish

Water bottles are a good choice to consider. After placing the water filled bottle in the cage, show the bird where the bottle is. Offer a regular water dish several times after placing the water bottle in the cage to see if the bird drinks from the dish. It’s important to make sure that the bird is utilizing the water bottle. Again you must wash the water bottle daily and replace the water.

Covered dishes are a good alternative for owners that are not comfortable with water bottles. Dishes come in all sizes and forms from plastic to large crocks. Again make sure and observe your bird or parrot to see if they are drinking water from the covered water dish.

Some products to consider: Lixit Glass Water Bottles 5/16 INCH - 8 OUNCE - Lixit Glass Bird Water Bottles and JW Pet Company Insight Clean Water Silo Waterer Small Bird.

Don’t forget the food dishes as well and also provide daily bath water too. It’s also recommended to watch for birds blocking the waterer and preventing other birds from drinking water. Forethought into your bird or parrot's water dishes and food dishes will save you time and keep your feathered friend healthy and happy. 

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  • George SommersBoston PETS Birds&Fish Examiner 5 years ago

    I put my cockatoo's water dish up high, level with her perch!

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