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Always consider adding insurance to your cruise purchase

You and your family have decided to go on a cruise to Alaska. Keep in mind that cruising to Alaska no not cheap. You've invested time and money into this perfect family vacation. You make your final payment, pay gratuities and excursions in advance. Why on earth wouldn't you protect your investment by purchasing cruise insurance?

Many travelers simply haven't realized just how important it is to properly insure your investment (cruise) before you actually travel. Not only are you reducing your risk of incurring medical expenses which may or may not be covered under the umbrella of your personal insurance, you are also reducing the risk of incurring bills associated with the cost of hotels or additional flights needed should you encounter bad weather or other unforeseen issues and find yourself stranded at an airport because of a flight delay.

Insurance is purchased by those few seasoned travelers who have come to realize just how important and beneficial it is to protect not only your family but your finances as well. Most who purchase insurance have thought and are willing to make a small investment in planning for problems that could result in a cancelled or delayed trip.

Before you turn down the insurance, either from your travel agent or each independent cruise line, ask yourself how much can you personally afford to lose if you have to forfeit your vacation plans. Would you be financially prepared to deal with the expenses and costs you might incur due to medical treatments and possible evacuations from any one of the ports of calls that you're scheduled to visit?

Travel insurance normally requires you to have a specific reason for cancelling your vacation. However, travel agencies and cruise lines alike offer a "Cancel for Any Reason" policy. Each policy is a little different so make sure to ask your travel professional which might be best for you.

The cancel for any reason policy will and should cover unexpected work issues, family emergencies, a change in your work/personal schedule, and a multitude of other reasons.

Invest what you've worked so hard to accomplish. You deserve to go on vacation and know that you will be covered should the worst case scenario become a reality.

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