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Alvarez campaign's support growing

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Mayor Todd Gloria's Saturday promised commitment to work for the Alvarez for mayor team, and start a partnership for recovering the city, ended a week the Democratic party gained major wins on giving Alvarez a strong footing needed to win the February election. THis week, San DIegans get their opportunities to learn how Alvarez's vision fits in the city's rebuilding plans during a time an elected mayor finishes former mayor Filner's term. A week top party leaders chosen to give San Diego an election message work on spreading a warm reception for the candidate around town.

The plan to build up San Diego work opportunities by investing in neighborhood infrastructure the Mayor set up for the next mayor in his State of the City Address, last Wednesday, could go into action if Alvarez takes office. "I am pleased to enorse David Alvarez for the next mayor," Gloria said.

The Democrat who started off 2014 with his main supporters behind him, former California assemblywoman Lori Saldana and former city councilmember Donna Frye, had just added labor and business supporters in the Asian American Pacific ISlander community, when, on last Monday, U.S. Senator Diane Feinstein, a backer of the assault weapons ban the city school district approved last January Alvarez looks to welcome to a council vote, out of the public safety committee, gave her support to the candidate, agreeing the plan to make neighborhoods safe is a wise one. The campaign's political veterans look ahead to a time during an Alvarez mayoral leadership term "safe and vibrant neighborhoods" "attract new businesses," and, "make it easier for companies to grow and create jobs."

Putting San Diegans back to work stays a guarantee the laborers in the UDC home caregivers union and the California Nurses Association, and the members in the Union Yes labor organization, agree the city locals deserve to get made a reality by the mayoral winner.

Uncertain voters keep the election numbers situation unclear, and the matchup hard to put one's foot down on.

Full time to make clear the vision for a recovered, and rebuilt, city comes at the NBC 7 debate with rival, city councilmember Kevin Faulconer, on Thursday. A second debate on Saturday put on the air by channel 6 and The CW will add more on the plans that the candidates claim give them a right to take the City Hall office.

U.S. Representative Scott Peters takes up campaign building work with Alvarez tonight at a house meeting. Party excitement builder Debbie Wasserman Schultz will show up in San Diego later this week. This Friday, work in town stepping up the campaign's funds for the final two and a half weeks will keep federal legislators Xavier Becerra and Juan Vargas busy.

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