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Alus enthralls with extraordinary vocals on auspicious new music release

The following exclusive interview was conducted yesterday, May 28. It is always such a pleasure to meet new and promising up-and-coming talent. It is even more exciting when they are stunning, vivacious, and unforgettable. Tough shoes to fill, but Singer Alus, 20, fills her Stiletto shoes extremely well. Alus' new music r&b style is reminiscent of classic 60’s couture met with a soulful voice and undeniable passion. She is already established as the next big thing after performances at South by Southwest (SXSW) 2014 and exclusive recent opportunities such as being the third chosen artist alongside Kanye West and Justin Bieber to perform for Neiman Marcus Fashion Night Out.

Alus captivates with harmonious vocals and striking beauty.

The following exclusive conversation displays just how incredible Alus is. One little nibble on her act will get you hooked!

Examiner: What makes you different from other artists in your lane such as a Ariana Grande and Lana Del Rey?

Alus: I don't only just sing my new music. I also write my music about real life experiences I've gone through and play piano and guitar. I also dance and give everything I have in my performances. I love putting on a show.

Examiner: How has growing up in Jersey shaped your journey?

Alus: Jersey has so much talent coming from this state, I don't know if there's something in the water! Inspiration is heavy when you realize how many artists have made their dreams come true in the same place you come from

Examiner: Do you see yourself always staying a Jersey girl? Or do you have plans to make somewhere else your home?

Alus: Even though Jersey is where I was born and raised, I feel more at home in New York City. When I'm in NYC it's a different atmosphere. I just feel inspiration in every part of the city. I plan on moving there.

Examiner: You have mentioned your influences in past how have they influenced you?

Alus: I grew up listening to the divas. I love Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Diana Ross, Janet Jackson, even as far back as Billie Holiday. I incorporate that into my music because although I do make pop music, it has those soulful r&b undertones which led me to define it as urban pop.

Examiner: I read somewhere that you’re inspired by Tim Burton, which I love. Can you expand on your inspirations as an artist and how that plays into your new music sound?

Alus: I naturally have this dark side and I'm a huge fan of Tim Burton's work. I love his way of making something so innocent seem dark, humorous, and almost bizarre. Every aspect is enticing from Danny Elfman's compositions to the fantasy world he creates to the iconic characters. Naturally those are the films I gravitate towards. It ties into my artistry because I am absolutely crazy (I think you have to be, to be an artist) and it makes my visuals more enticing because of the dark and crazy characters I show (a la Relapse). It brings the records to life where the sonic and visual meet in an emotional way.

Check out Alus' amazing video and song Relapse posted on this article. It is addictive ear candy, to say the least. Get ready to hop on the Alus train! She's a 'comin!

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