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Altmann Institute to give life to new treatments

Medical research building on call. Altmann Clinial and Transaction Research building construction near I-5 in La Jolla. May 16, 2014.
Medical research building on call. Altmann Clinial and Transaction Research building construction near I-5 in La Jolla. May 16, 2014.
Adam Benjamin

Finding positive results on research into new treatments for disease takes up the clinicians' and researchers' time at the Clinical and Transaction Research Institute at the UCSD East Campus Office Building off Medical Center Drive. Across the street, two cranes stand above the new Altmann CTRI building construction site.

Adam Benjamin
COnstruction sign shows San Diegans the design for the new Altmann Clinical and Transaction Research Institute. Friday, June 27, 2014.

Steel and concrete the construction team put in the east campus landscape, below Medical Center Drive, will house the institute's new wet research laboratories. Scientists will work with sensitive scientific equipment behind the vibration resistant walls. The laboratory scientists will produce the discoveries the clinical physicians use to increase the likelihood of putting a treatment into successful use.

ADvanced scientific discoveries do not always improve patients' health. At the new institute building, scheduled to open in early 2016, work on finding new, more effective, treatments will no longer be done in the East Campus Office Building's small rooms. Clinicians will go to work on innovative solutions in state-of-the-art facilities built at street level, and on the 5th through 7th floors.

Genomics technology does not improve health unproven in practice.

Solving health mysteries guarantees the staff "bring discoveries from the laboratory to the patient's bedside," at CTRI. Finding practice uses for innovative ideas will have fewer limits at the new building.

The street level both UCSD clinicians and UCSD researchers walk in will give the mediccal professionals a place to share findings, and work together on solving health mysteries.

Clinical trials done in the state-of-the-art clinical laboratories built above ground have the potential to advance stages in medical practice. Plans to increase the number of drug treatment trials CTRI staff run, from the dozens done in the East Campus Office Building's small rooms, to hundreds in the new Altmann pharmacy will open medical professionals' eyes to the unexpected.

The NIH funded work on turning discoveries into practice will have more results in store once the staff moves into the five sided polygon facility the Altmanns made possible with a gift.

A leading selection of staff help will stay on hand in the building. Clinical practitioners can pick their UCSD specialists who can help them make sense out of their trial data. Need a biostatistician to find the evidence needed for a new outcome measure for early Alzheimer's disease? CTRI has a biostatistician on the UCSD academic faculty who uses mathematics to "untangle the mysteries" of the disease.

The Altmann building will give the clinicians and cientists a place to work on making the future in treatment discoveries more productive. Staff will have added room to mentor UCSD doctoral students, and junior faculty, and, give them an opportunity to learn from the staff's experience turning research findings into practice. A next generation of clinical and transaction research needs the room to grow into "cutting edge research" that makes a model difference in patients health.

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