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Although he didn’t ‘beat the f— out of a Mexican,’ Adrien Broner gets banned

Former three-division world titlist Adrien Broner was suspended by the WBC Thursday for making a racist slur against Carlos Molina.

Adrien Broner has rarely talked with his fists.
Hip Hop Stan:

Broner (28-1, 22 KOs) universally outscored the 28-year-old Molina (17-2-1-1, 7 KOs) in a 10-round bout at 140-pounds last weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Despite dominating on the cards, Broner started slow and never impressed in the squared circle.

Sadly, the fragile windbag managed to create a stir speaking with Showtime’s Jim Gray after the match.

“I’ve beaten Africans and I just beat the f— out of a Mexican,” said Broner, 24, who once gleefully flushed $20 bills down a toilet and posted the video on social media.

In response, the WBC banned Broner from competing in a WBC-sanctioned fight and demanded that “The Problem” apologize to Molina.

“The World Boxing Council holds human equality as its banner and will not accept a former WBC champion to make racially offensive statements,” a statement from the WBC read.

“Since words have different meanings and can be interpreted in different ways, the WBC is issuing this open letter to Adrien Broner to either clarify what he meant with his words or to issue a public apology if those words were intended to be despective and offensive. Adrien Broner is hereby suspended from participating in any WBC sanctioned Championship and will be excluded from the WBC Ratings until the time he makes a public apology satisfactorily to the public of the world.”

Broner probably didn’t intend “to make racially offensive statements.”

In all likelihood, “The Problem” is an incredibly unintelligent and obnoxious man whose “words have different meanings and can be interpreted in different ways.”

Ironically, although a victor, Broner didn’t even “beat the f— out of a Mexican.”

With blinding speed and greater overall skills, Broner should have more conclusively handled Molina.

Instead, rather than striving to become an elite pugilist, Adrien Broner made news for his moronic “words.”

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