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Alternatives to Study Drugs

A growing epidemic sweeping the nation combines prescription drugs with college-age students looking for an extra advantage. The worst part about this new wave of "brain doping" is the choice of drugs that each student is utilizing for their enhanced cognitive abilities and ability to focus.

Adderall and Ritalin are two of the more favorite ones, but the former is by far the most used. The reason for Adderall's abuse is within the chemical formulation. It is actually an amphetamine that is very similar in effect to the street methamphetamine. While minor differences mean major changes in the action on the brain, it is still important to view alternatives to prevent problems "coming down" among others.


This is one of the most potent forms of the racetam analogue, which was discovered in 1990 and has since been utilized to treat a wide variety of different memory related ailments. Brains with chemical or physically induced trauma have seen oxiracetam as a great neuro protective agent. There are a great number of studies indicating improved memory as well.


The aniracetam analogue is a little more well-known. It has been around since the early 1970s and it is even more well studied than oxiracetam. Combined with choline, it is a great neuro protective and neuro enhancing agent that students can use as an alternative to Adderall or Ritalin.


This is a new formulation that was created by a community of members in Longecity, which has showed promising results for many. It is relatively new and few studies are done on the combination of these ingredients, but it is nonetheless a worthwhile method of getting improved cognitive abilities for school.

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