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Alternatives to Shock Doctrine Vampire Capitalism.

What is the difference between our two corporate political party's. The Republicans want to throw 99% of us out of the economic plane right now. The Democrats demand that we at least be given a parachute.

Both party's adhere to the same economic theories proposed by Milton Friedman that were nothing but a corporate con job from the get go. This is essentially tax cuts for the rich, deregulation of business, and privatization of government.

While Friedman received a Nobel Prize in economics, his economic assumptions have never added up. But then when created by Corporate America and handed to Friedman to shamelessly shill and put the name of the University of Chicago Economics Department on it to give this fraud credibility. it was never intended to add up. It was hoped the looting would be done before people caught on that they had been had.

This is the P. T. Barnum school of politics, in that they knew they could never fool everybody, remember these ideas were called voodoo economics when Reagan proposed them. But they believed they could fool enough people to put them in play and begin a radical economic revolution the world over creating a new form of colonialism where corporations parasitically used the state, particularly the military, to take natural resources away from any nation and its people, including the United States, where many areas are nothing more than third world extraction colonies ( witness West Virginia and Pennsylvania ). I say parasitically because Corporations would be the power using the state apparatus of government for their ends.

This global corporatism erases concepts of citizenship and replaces it with the role of employee. This is the nefarious idea of corporations having the rights once reserved for the people. It also gives you a clue to why privatizing is necessary in the first place. Corporations in effect become the government.

In America the final usurpation of citizenship will take place when trade treaties such as TPP and TAFTA are passed. They will leave a powerless democracy in place where we continue to elect representatives who can do very little on our behalf.

Pass a law that bans DDT as a pesticide on produce and the country that uses it can take its case to closed and secret hearings before corporate lawyers and judges in the Hague, who then will punish the country that tries to protect itself with millions if not billions of dollars in damages for constraining the trade of the DDT using nation.

We have been lied to and led to believe all of this is inevitable and that there are no viable alternatives. There are and they are not really hard to imagine.

One would be to immediately raise taxes on the wealthy. Taxation redistributes wealth up or down the economic ladder. Increase taxes on the wealthy and income is redistributed to the middle classes and poor. Cut taxes for the wealthy and wealth is redistributed up the economic ladder. Both Capitalism and Socialism have wealth redistribution as a part of the theory it is simply a matter of who benefits.

One of the reasons the Roman Empire fell was because they stopped making things. Manufacturing is how wealth is made. When taxes are raised on the Wealthiest Americans, who haven't paid their fair share in years, we need to invest in repairing our crumbling infrastructure and then research and design to begin rebuilding our own manufacturing capability. Then we need to do what the other 19 G-20 nations do. Put up protective tariffs to protect American jobs from overseas low wage labor.

All of this begins with repeal of our self destructive trade treaties like NAFTA and removal of our participation in the IMF, World Bank and WTO as long as they are the financial enforcement arm of global Vampire Capitalism.

Our trade treaties should be based on what once were American principles of respect for the people's right to participation in government, democratically elected without corporate money perverting the system, respect in the work place for workers rights including the right to join unions, and moving to environmentally sustainable economies and sources of energy.

In America this will mean creating a sort of GI Bill for coal, oil, and natural gas workers to enable them to get trained for jobs in the new economy so their fear of being left behind economically will not be exploited like Republicans phony War on Coal to keep the Koch brothers profiting at America's expense.

We are running out of time.

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