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Alternatives to hiring a photographer



  • George Skepton Photography 6 years ago

    For special pictures of your wedding day, hire a professional photographer. It's the MOST IMPORTANT DAY OF YOUR LIFE. Most brides are really sorry when they scrimp on the photography and just have guests’ snapshots. If your budget is limited; cut back on the food, drinks, or hours and party later. The venue, caterer, food, drinks are gone after the wedding. Your photographer is still there after the wedding, working on your images to recreate special memories for you. Work out installment plans with the photographer if it's offered. Sometimes you can purchase professional prints later when your budget allows.

    Make sure that when you hire someone they have photographers' business liability insurance to cover their services should something go wrong. Check their experience and images to see if you like their style. Talk to them and make sure you’re comfortable with each other.

    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, and the best of everything. You’re special and you deserve it.

  • Kevin Allen 6 years ago

    This column is disgraceful. Staff Professionals suggesting to buy disposable cameras. What! Some day real soon. Your going to be out of a job! Why? Paper covered an event, made an announcement. "Get your photos published, your name in lights, download your CF Cards here". How are you feeding your Family now?
    As a professional I consistantly have to put up with Uncle Joe's and their newly purchased Nikon from COSTCO. They are now a Professional.
    Oh...wait a minute, No I don't. I'm Tiger's photographer and NO CAMERAS ALLOWED, except credentialed media.

    Please respect the Professional as a Journalist!

  • Baltimore Photography Examiner 6 years ago

    George - Absolutely agree. Thank you for taking the time to comment. It's the perfect response to customers/clients who are looking to save and won't have to settle for an alternative.

    Kevin - Appreciate the feedback. I agree that there are "professionals" in the field that are not as they claim. It's our job as professionals to be consistent about quality and remain aware of the competition. i.e. personal cameras, alternative ways. It is also our job to be ready to counter the "money-saving" nature of today's consumer (just as George Skepton did in his comment). My hope in writing this article is that professionals would have a reminder of what they might be up against and the consumer would be given alternatives that reflect anything but the "real art" of a pro.

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