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Alternatives to Atlanta's interstate system

Congestion on Atlanta's Connector
Congestion on Atlanta's Connector
Courtesy of mattlemmon

The interstate system has many advantages over traditional street and block systems. However, a disadvantage of the modern interstates is very apparent when major accidents occur-- the lack of redundancy of pathways creates jams, standstills, and bottlenecks. But, there is an alternative-- the Atlanta driver can use the US and Georgia routes that parallel the metropolitan interstates. These include:

GA13 for the northeast leg of I-85
US278 for the east leg of I-20
US23 for the southeast leg of I-75
US29 for the southwest leg of I-85
US78 for the west leg of I-20
US41 for the northwest leg of I-75
GA9 for GA400

Unfortunately, there is no simple alternative to I-285. However, the intersections of those roads given above provide reasonable connectivity around Atlanta.

When the interstates are tied up, use of the given alternatives provide faster travel times and access to local businesses.


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