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Alternative pain relief: amazing switchwords and more

Switchwords are powerful words the subconscious responds to. They are like a light switch being turned on because they unite the subconscious with conscious desires. Think about dreams and how they often don't make sense.

This number may be chanted to heal pain.
Kat Miller/Blue Iris

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The subconscious mind's line of communication differs from that of the conscious mind. This is why switchwords can have such an impact. They communicate to the subconscious in a form the subconscious understands.

Switchwords background

Switchwords were first recognized by James Mangan, in 1963, in his book, "The Secret of Perfect Living." In 2006, Shunyam Nirav published a book on switchwords, bringing them back to our attention. Other researchers are proving the mind can heal the body. Switchwords are a tool to assist the mind and can be used as alternative pain relief among many uses.

Researchers on numbers

Rife, Lloyd Mear and Grigory Petrovich Grabovoy, are a few researchers of numbers and their effects. Everything has a frequency which is based on a numerical scale. By combining switchwords and numbers, we have powerful tools to enhance our lives, alternative pain relief being just one area for their use.

Switchword instructions

Switchwords and numbers may be chanted, written on paper, charge water (hold glass of water in hands and say switchwords) and/or written on the body. This information is not intended to replace a doctor's advice or prescriptions.

When chanting large numbers, say them as whole numbers. I.E.: 8 million, 8 hundred 88 thousand, 8 hundred 81. Switchwords are generally written in caps. Below is a partial list of some numbers and switchwords I use, with great results, for alternative pain relief.

Switchwords for pain

  • Body aches & stiffness
  • Burn pain
  • Emotional pain
  • Gastritis
  • Headache
  • Put-Peppermint-ON-ICE-CUBE (Lower case words are defusing words so aren't in caps.)
  • Inflammatory pain
  • Migraine headache
  • Pain
  • Morphine zeolite
  • Muscle cramp
  • Slipped Disc

Healing numbers for pain

  • Decreased pain
  • 10 Hz
  • Magic 3 for pain
  • 324 Hz, 528 Hz, 15 Hz
  • Sedative & pain relief
  • 304.0 Hz
  • Spinal injury
  • 8,888,881
  • Headache
  • 10 Hz, 1.2 Hz, 4,818,543
  • Abdominal pain
  • 5,0000 Hz, 10,000 Hz
  • Morphine
  • 164 368 363 85
  • Acute Pain - May write all of these on a paper, draw a circle around it and place a glass of water on it, for 15 seconds, before drinking. Some people write all of these on their body.
  • 3000 Hz
  • 95 Hz
  • 10000 Hz
  • 1550 Hz
  • 802 Hz
  • 880 Hz
  • 787 Hz
  • 727 Hz
  • 690 Hz
  • 666 Hz

One or more of these may be used in any situation. They may be used in combination with other pain remedies such as homeopathy, herbs and prescriptions. Use intuition to easily enjoy the effects of switchwords and numbers for alternative pain relief.

Source: Blue Iris Learning Center, the largest online resource of switchwords

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