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Alternative health therapies becoming more common

Diet therapy involves treating medical conditions via food
Diet therapy involves treating medical conditions via food

No longer do consumers have to search in back alleys or on the outskirts of town for alternatives to mainstream health solutions. Now, through the efforts of entities like The McDougall Research & Education Foundation, diet therapies are being taught to medical students.

Here are just a few of the recent efforts by the McDougall Foundation:

  • Through a grant provided by the McDougall Foundation, the Oregon Health & Science University is conducting a study on the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis through diet. With the supervision of Drs. Bourdette and Yadav from the Neurology Department, patients in the study are being treated with a low-fat vegan diet. Their condition is being monitored and evaluated by MOR and neurologically.
  • The Foundation is also supporting the education of medical students across the globe, ensuring that more doctors are graduating from medical school with a foundation in treating medical conditions with diet, a practice call diet-therapy.
  • The free diet-therapy program offered on the McDougall website allows individuals to take back control over their health, and adopt health-eating principles at their own pace, and become educated about how eating habits affect health.

With more people like Dr. McDougall advocating for and educating consumers about good health, there’s more likely to be widespread, comprehensive changes in how physicians and the country in general treat medical problems.

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