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Alternative Healing Therapies

Our perception of health and the way in which medicine treats sickness in present-day society are continuously changing. Nowadays we think a whole lot more about how to bring together spirituality and science, endeavor which has lead to new advancement in the field of medicine. By combining he two, we get the best of two worlds. What had been labeled as ‘occult’ or ‘metaphysical’ years ago constitutes now a set of concepts and techniques which are acceptable to the general public.

Statistics show that 30% of the population of the USA has tried some form of unconventional therapy. Various forms of therapy have become billion-dollar-industries and they are continually growing. All new forms of alternative therapy try to replace ‘standard’ medication – and its side effects – and to help us let go of any dependency we may have developed.

The common concept behind all therapy types is simple, yet not easy to grasp for everyone. The idea is that there’s a higher intelligence pervading the universe, and when we aren’t aligned with it anymore, we get sick. New Age practitioners claim that our health problems are caused by a misalignment of the latent natural energy within each of us. To have perfect health on all levels – emotional, spiritual, and physical –, this energy must be realigned. Here are a few techniques and practices to achieve this balance.

Healing with sound
It is believed that each organ has a corresponding vibration. Mantras or sacred words can be used to permeate one’s psyche and align one’s energies so that they feel balanced and calm.

Healing with color
Also known as chromotherapy, healing with color relies on the use of crystals in the same way numerology uses numbers. Taken as they are, numbers and colors are neutral, they have no power, but when put in a system they become powerful tools. One can place a certain color on the are which is painful or where the sickness started from.

Healing with crystals
This consists of placing certain crystals and precious stones over the chakras where an imbalance has been observed. There are different stones for each chakra and organ.

Massage therapy
There are several types of massage therapy, such as polarity therapy, shiatsu, and reflexology. All have the ability to help one’s body let of negative energy and, therefore, to restore inner balance.

Everybody knows something about aromatherapy. Basically, it is the art of healing the inhaling system by inhaling essential oil fragrances of flowers, aromatic wood, and herbs.

Astral traveling
Not many may have heard about this, but astral traveling is – to put it simply – soul traveling. This allows the ‘patient’ to learn to be conscious of his or her dream state. When fully aware of one’s travels to the higher spheres and realms of the spirits, a major shift takes places internally, aligning the energy centers.

Whichever form of alternative healing one may choose, it is always a good idea to gather as much information as possible on it, preferably from a specialist.

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