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Alternative facts about renewable sources of energy: Part 1 Wind Energy

Coal facilities are needed to supply wind farms.
Coal facilities are needed to supply wind farms.


  • Open VMS 6 years ago

    Great Article. We need more coal plants. Coal plants are 99.99% clean, require the minimal amount of land area to produce electricity, and do not harm the environment or wildlife. Windmills kill birds.

    Carbon Dioxide does not cause global warming. CO2 is actually beneficial to plant life, which in turn, produces more oxygen for animals and people.

  • DSTucker 6 years ago

    Hello Open VMS, I understand your sarcasm, but as much as you and others possibly would like, coal plants will be here for a while. How about this rationale, until we finds ways to store massive amounts of energy, why don't we build more efficient coal facilities and close the really old inefficient one's??????? Your wind mills are using the same sources you just don't know or see it Open VMS!!!!!!!!!!

  • Energy Guy 6 years ago

    The numbers say these windmills are running at 25% efficiency. If you wanted to duplicate a 800MW coal facility with wind energy output, you'd need 1600 wind turbines. I wonder how much land would that take up Open VMS.

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