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Altering the Staffordshire breeds commonly known as Pit Bulls

The Staffordshire breeds are getting a bum rap from the public and the media. It is not the breed but the owners, breeders and trainers who are at fault. It is not the “Pit Bull” who goes into the fighting arena it is the owners who have forced this brutality on them.

Because of the irresponsibility of some of the breed owners the entire community is suffering. In southeastern Wisconsin a boy was attacked by two “Pit Bull” dogs and died from his wounds. In Milwaukee, a responsible “Pit Bull” owner was attacked by another “Pit Bull” who jumped them from the roof of a house when passing by.

The result of the attacks by this particular breed and its over population has brought legislation to Milwaukee County to require all “Pit Bull” dogs be spayed or neutered. Enforcement of this ordinance would be on a complaint basis and violators would be subject to a stiff fine. Those people who could not afford the spay and neutering fees can be subsidized. Responsible breeders of show dogs would be licensed to breed and not be required to alter their dogs.

Milwaukee area officials are taking heed of the “Pit Bull” problem in the area. It is up to all of the owners of this breed to take their responsibility seriously.

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