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Also at South Jefferson Davis Parkway and Tulane Avenue

While the original flagpoles have rusted away from the WWII monument erected and dedicated by the Banks Social and Carnival Club, Inc. at the intersection of S. Jeff Davis Parkway and Tulane Avenue, the club did make amends.  In front of the older monument erected in 1946, the club installed a flagpole in 1975.

No flag was flying the day I visited.  There wasn’t even a rope to support a flag, but the pole was still there rising proudly from its base.  The base is an octagonal arrangement of polished, gray granite slabs that support the pole.  The three sides that face Tulane Avenue are inscribed with the dedication.

“In memoriam this monument on which the flag of the United States proudly waves is dedicated to the fond memory of James E. Comeskey, 1897-1972.  A good citizen of our country, a loyal friend of all who knew him and a leader in our community.  Dedicated by the Banks Social and Carnival Club through the generosity of Russell L. Cuoco, Oct. 5, 1975, the 199th year of our independence.  Designed by Burke and Associates, Inc.”

The sentences are broken up on the octagonal facade so that it took me awhile to translate them.  At first I thought each face was independent and the inscription read like confusing poetry.  The left hand panel reads: “This monument/ states proudly waves/ a good citizen/ all who knew him.”

The whole thing is written in a solid art deco font that mirrors the script on the WWII monument that stands a few yards behind the flag pole.  Much like the Banks Social and Carnival Club, I cannot find any trace of James E. Comeskey on the internet which is a shame.  Whatever fame this gentleman lacks on the internet, his name and influence are forever commemorated on the stone base of this flagpole where South Jefferson Davis Parkway intersects with Tulane Avenue in the great city of New Orleans, LA.  There are worse fates. 


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