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Alpine teachers still striking for a decent living

The biggest issue leading to divorce today is money. Not just that there isn’t enough of it to go around, but that any two people talking money don’t communicate well enough to keep it civil.

So it is with the Alpine School Teachers of 2014. According to the ABC10News web site on today’s internet (2/24/14) , 90 teachers are striking over money issues. It is said that the district wants to cut $1.35 million dollars from their budget and a large portion of that cut should come from cuts in salaries and cuts in employer contributions to health benefits.

10 News doesn’t list particular numbers in their report, but they do say 90 teachers are striking. Simple math dictates there to be a savings of 90 times $5,500.00 in employer health contributions alone for a total savings of $495,000.00 just in health care savings and if it could be said that there are 90 teachers making the average income for San Diego Elementary Teachers, which is $55K per year then it can be said that the savings to the district on a per year basis would be $375,210.00 savings in salaries, for an overall net savings of $870,210.00 per year in cuts for the district if those pesky teachers would just go along with the program. Now that would still leave a deficit of $480,000.00 needed to be cut.

Math is always nice and neat. 2 + 2 always = 4 but in today’s world, with our fiat money, sometimes an equation turns into an algorithm where 14 trillion dollars turns into 24 trillion and it simply comes off a printing press anyway so no harm no foul. If you can’t afford it, just raise the minimum wage 20% and there you go! Let’s just put in a request to Mr. Obama to use his executive privilege and thus print up a couple of million dollars for Alpine School District eh viola.

In real time dollars I do know if most Americans were expected to unexpectedly come up with approximately $10,000.00 per year in lost revenue to the old home budget, there would be trouble in River City and at that point I believe the Feds would need to step in to subsidize most health care plans, at least for our teachers because they’d be too poor to pay for their personal overhead.

I do know that for years Dr. Brickman, who has a PhD in education, has advocated a total revamp of the American Education System simply because it is broken. “It is time to reevaluate what it is that society is receiving for its educational monies. I’d like to see more than just a cafeteria where our kids receive proper nutrition and cool air in the summer months along with warmed air in the winter time. I think we need to account for what we expect to receive in return for kids going to an institution of learning for 13 years, especially when you realize that today the kids come away from this education experience without being able to work at a fast food joint and still aren’t able to give customers change if the computer breaks down, leaving them to make change through simple math rather than reading it off the register. We really should redesign what it means to become educated...” said Dr. Brickman in an interview from Sunday 2/23/14.

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