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Alpine may be the better for Al Pancho's Mexican Restaurant

Great Mexican food in Alpine CA
Great Mexican food in Alpine CA

Yes Alpine California is all grown up now. They’ve got tons of eateries for sure. Fast food galore awaits your wallet. Greek if you dare. I do believe that Alpine is overgrown with Mexican Restaurants and most of them are very good.

Who wouldn't love this

I’ve done Tapatios, Cocina Alpine, Manana, La Carreta, and Al Pancho’s Mexican Restaurant is my choice of favorites for good Mexican dining as of today.

Al Pancho’s Mexican Restaurant is located at 2139 Alpine Blvd and it’s been in that same spot for over 13 years. Nancy and I hadn’t been to this spot for nearly 20 years because the last time we went, we didn’t enjoy it. Though it’s no hole in the wall, the fact is it looks much as it did when my folks lived across the street from the restaurant that preceded Al Pancho’s so we never went while the current restaurant was remodeled and their customer base was being built up. I really missed out because this restaurant was putting out excellent food for over a decade and we missed years of fine dining. If I have one gripe it’s they have no margaritas and they have no cerveza for your dining pleasure. That’s like no beer or hot dog at Petco for a Padres game.

Typically, when I write a review for a restaurant I’ll do a little research before I do my write up and in this case I found Al Pancho highly rated by Yelpers and Googlers alike. As I read more and more about Al Pancho’s I realized it wasn’t the same spot we remembered as a bad spot. Sure enough, as we entered it was obvious they had changed.

The interior has a clean feel to it. The floors have been replaced by large Mexican tiles and walls have been knocked down to offer a wide open well lit environment. The staff is fast and friendly and we were seated quickly with chips, salsa, drinks and menus provide muy pronto.

They had two of the best shrimp dishes I’ve eaten on the menu. I took the sautéed garlic shrimp while Nancy went with the battered shrimp dish. Both were under $13.00 and both were outstanding dishes. We so enjoyed the experience that I know we’ll go back again soon... I just wish they had some alcohol of choice to better enjoy the overall experience.