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Alpine Arcadia atop Zurich’s Üetliberg

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For the most spectacular views of Zurich, you must head to the Üetliberg, which is Zurich’s local mountain.

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At half a mile high, the Üetliberg is best approached on the S10 Üetliberg Bahn railway, Europe’s steepest adhesion railway. Don’t look down.

Once you’re at the rail station atop the mountain, there’s still a ten-minute walk to the summit. And then, for more thrills, climb the tower that is atop the mountain – and once you’re at the top, you’re all about knocking on heaven’s door.

Gaze outward. There, spread out before you in all its confectionery color, is the splendor of Zurich, with Lake Zurich a brilliant azure, and in the distance the snow-capped Alps. Let go of your resistance – and be awed.

In the winter, the mountain has sledding runs, and in the summer, hikers wander along woodland paths, cowbells ringing in the distance, while goats graze at the roadside.

Artesian wells offer some of the freshest, coldest water on the planet – and as you sip from cupped hands, you might believe that you’ve found Arcadia.