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Alpha Mane Skin Treatments: Save 25%

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Alpha Mane Skin Treatments has a wonderful set of treatments for acne. They are made with Natural and Organic ingredients. It comes in a three piece set. The cost of the set is $35.95.

The first of the three piece set is their Alpha Mane Green Tea Facial Cleaner. With this the best results would be to use in the morning, after a shower or before shaving. This one is a four ounce (118 ml). It is also recommended to be used in circular motions while cleaning the face, going upward with hand motions. That helps with opening up your skin pores. Cost for this one is $12.95. This is the individual price.

The second of the three in the set is the Alpha Mane Organic Mint Toner. You'll need cotton balls for this. Apply a moderate amount and gently apply over the face in upward motions. Allow this to dry. Follow up with the last step, which is the last of the three of the set. Cost for this one is $10.95. This price is for the product only.

The last of the set is the Alpha Mane Acne Treatment Oil. Never use this on your face or skin before cleaning with the other two products first. This step helps to seal in the freshness and cleanliness of the skin. It also helps to block out a whole lot of dirt, grime and other nasty and harsh stuff that gets on the skin. Cost is $19.95. That is just for this one product.

This only takes four drops between your fingertips. Apply this by massaging into the face once per day. This oil comes from four different plants: Rosehip, Carrot, Lavendar and Geranium.

Alpha Mane Skin Treatments is located in Charlotte, NC. In other words, it is made in the USA.


The product can be used by a man or woman. It works great as well as making your skin feel refreshed and younger looking. It also makes the skin soft to the touch. The scents are not strong and have a fresh scent left behind that helps with your confidence by giving it a boost.


As a product reviewer and trying this product set personally, it is highly recommended. After having acne for so long, this has given the appearance a whole new youthful and clear skin look.

One thing that this will teach you is that most companies do not tell you how to open the pores up for better results. This one gives you that bit of information and the results are absolutely amazing!



I received this product from Alpha Mane Skin Treatments for my honest review and thoughts. All thoughts are my own and no other's. There has been no other compensation, nor is there any intended. This article is in the guidelines of the FTC.