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Along the Riverwalk and beyond

Serenity, beauty, and history all in one place.
Serenity, beauty, and history all in one place.
Melissa Sue Photography

Looking for a romantic weekend away or just a nice walk amongst music, restaurants, and a natural spring that flows into the San Antonio River.  San Antonio, Texas has so much of that and more.  Just an hour and a half South of Austin down Highway 35, you will find the beautiful city of San Antonio.  Most people would know it by naming the Alamo as one of the most visited destinations, but others may remember San Antonio  by its natural, below street level, two mile river walk.  This river walk is surrounded many hotels, amazing restaurants for all sorts, and nightlife

As you approach the city you will notice the History it has to offer with it's cobble stone roads, historic monuments, and the Alamo placed almost directly in the middle of the city.  With the southern style patrol men walking around and all of the country style stores anyone who is visiting can feel the true south and understand the pain that went on there in it's past.

Once you find the stairway down towards the River Walk and almost as soon as you get down the steps you will begin to feel the serenity that it has to offer you.  With fountains and rock bridges, lights lit up at night along the river and the sweet violin and piano playing downwind, you may feel as if you have entered another world.  On the River Walk you will find restaurants such as "Dick's Last Resort," "The Cheesecake Factory," and even "Biga on the Banks" with their eclectic menu items.  There is something for everyone on the River Walk, you can even bring your dog. 

Maybe you would rather do the River Walk at night as your romantic night with your loved one and during the day you would rather find something fun and family oriented.  Located at the headwaters of the San Antonio River with over 3500 animals is the San Antonio Zoo.  Here you will see lions, birds, and Elephants and a whole lot more.  Open 365 days a year it is a definite destination to visit while in San Antonio. 

If you take a walk up the road you will see the amazingly beautiful Japanese Tea Gardens.  With lily ponds filled with Koi fish and soft flowing waterfalls, this is a place for anyone who enjoys nature.  It has been known to be a place for school kids to visit, weddings to be had, or just a place to relax during the afternoon. Don't forget to read the incredible story that goes along with this site as you walk in.  Free to the public and just a short distance from the Sunken Garden Theater at the Brackenridge Park.

San Antonio, like Austin, New Braunfels, and Fredericksburg, has so much to offer everyone who visits.  Hill country in Texas has a scene for everyone to view or take part in, make sure if you haven't visited any of these famous cities that it makes the lists of things to do when you are back in Texas.

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